As adorable as he is versitile, Reggie is every little kid's dream of black beauty--but mini! He's got a big heart and a bigger personality and loves challenging and helping our smaller riders. He has been shown through intro dressage and eventing


Seemore is an appendix gelding mastering the eventing and dressage rings. His flashy dark bay coat and kind eye are just a few of the reasons you'll fall in love with Seemore. He has been shown through first level dressage and novice eventing.

Geronimo, our favorite mustang, is a fun ride who loves to jump, do dressage, and most of all, be with his friends! Pictured: Geronimo impressing Boyd Martin during a novice/training level event clinic.

Lesson Horses

We offer a variety of lesson horses for students to use during lessons. Lesson horses are available for full or half lease. 


A real lady for the ladies, Bonjour is learning dressage and eventing. Her unique breeding of Gypsy Vanner and Trakehner makes her both striking and athletic. She has been shown through training level dressage and low level eventing.

Little Nikky

The appropriately named Little Nikky is our tiniest horse, and possibly the cutest! Nikky likes giving pony rides and pulling the cart. You can always hear her high-pitched whinny over everyone elses!


Mojave, one of Silver Crest's oldest and most reliable equine residents, loves to take care of the little kids. Almost everyone, has ridden Mojave at some point and continue to love him year after year. He can be ridden English or Western (or as a spaceship if you're Buzz Lightyear!)


The amazing eventing friesian, Cirinity always turns heads at shows and home alike. As gentle as she is beautiful, Cirin loves nothing more than a relaxing ride and a snack. She has been shown through first level dressage and low level eventing.